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Harry Potter Genfic Challenges

There's a whole world out there...

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Challenge end + August challenge
ichigo calendar
furiosity wrote in hp_gen_ch
The "Birthdays" challenge is now finished! No one wrote for the challenge, so no house points awarded.

hp_gen_ch's August Challenge is "Back to School"!

Pick any canon character from any era and write a story that centers around their going back to Hogwarts - in any fashion. It can be a student heading back to classes, a professor going back to teach, or even Mrs Norris going back to hiss at people. Have fun!

Your 1000+ word, beta-read fics are due by midnight Pacific time on the 31st of August. Detailed posting format rules are available here or the community userinfo, and beta reading services may be found here. Please direct all questions to the Keeper of the Answers, imadra_blue (see her Q & A post). Have a wonderful August and good luck!

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